5 Tips for Presenting a Consistent Brand Image

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So we’ve talked about Branding, why it’s important and how it helps you to grow your business (If you missed that discussion, you can read about it here).  You know that the most important part of Branding is the Know-Like-Trust factor… But is it really that easy? (spoiler alert: yes, it REALLY is! It just takes a little strategy).  I’ve compiled a list of 5 tips to help you present a consistent brand image because when your audience knows what to expect, they begin to trust you. And when they trust you?  Well, my friend, that is where the magic happens… Let’s dig in to how its done!

1. Determine your Brand Personality and stick to it!

Brand Personality represents the characteristics of a brand that your ideal client can relate to. Choose your “ideal client avatar” and speak/write as though you are talking to THAT person.  Does that mean that you are alienating everyone else?  No way! EVERYONE is welcome to your party, baby!  But if you speak to everyone, individually, in a way that resonates only to THEM, then you resonate with NO ONE So stay consistent and it will give your entire audience that warm fuzzy feeling that they know exactly what to expect from YOU (aka- TRUST).  

2. Using Color Psychology in Brand Image

Utilize your Brand Colors every opportunity you get! Use them in your website, your IG Story backgrounds, the props in your social media posts, the clothes that you wear in your branding images, etc. This creates consistency and helps with brand recognition. It takes the brain less than a second to associate colors with a feeling. When your audience is mindlessly scrolling through Instagram during a boring work Zoom meeting (#pandemicblog) they will instantly think of you when they see your established colors pop up on their screen.  Even if they don’t stop long enough to engage with your post, those micro-impressions add up over time!

If you haven’t thoughtfully your Brand Colors yet selected (aka- don’t just pick purple because it’s been your favorite color since the 4th grade), hop over to my Free Resources Page to check out the Choosing Brand Colors guide to get you started!

3. It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It!

Copy: In marketing, your “copy” is the words that you use to convey a message. The words that you use to increase brand awareness and compel your audience to take an action (like commenting, saving a post, clicking the link in your bio, etc) Use your copy to speak directly to your ideal client in a tone that you would use if you were talking to them in person. In social media marketing, your copy is generally informal and friendly… like you’re talking to a friend. When you’re consistent in the way that you speak to your audience it solidifies your authenticity.

4. Photographic Style That Gives Them the Feels

Keep your images consistent in the style of photography that you choose. It doesn’t have to be the super popular bright + airy style or even anything exceptionally unique, just as long as your overall feed aesthetic remains similar so that your images are easily recognizable. Changing it up with every post creates confusion and no one likes to be confused… keeping your feed looking cohesive is an easy way to promote a consistent brand image and help your audience instantly know your posts when they see them.

5. Content Pillars are the Key to Consistency!

Content Pillars are general topics that you incorporate into your social media or blog content. What do you want to share?  Be consistent with your messaging so your topics aren’t all over the place and confusing your audience about whether you’re a business or a personal page. Examples of content pillars are  products, services, behind the scenes, creative process, family, hobbies, inspiration, etc.


Building a consistent brand image conveys authenticity and provides clarity into what your business is and who you are there to serve. Follow these tips and you will start to notice a cohesiveness to your business that helps your audience follow along, feel a connection and get excited to see your progress and cheer you on!

Still not sure what exactly your Brand Personality is? No problem! Take my Brand Personality Quiz to find out!


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